How to build a strong personal brand as an author

Have you considered creating a personal brand as an author? It can be incredibly powerful and rewarding. Read on to find out how authors can leverage the power of personal branding and digital marketing.

Growing happy kids

Emily Estefahni Smith recently told the world that there’s more to life than happiness. Is she right? and if she is, how can we help our kids to grow up happy?

How (and where) to get your short story published.

So you’ve read ‘Six steps to write an amazing short story’ and now you’re ready to share your work with the world. But you’re still not sure how to go about it? In this article, I’ll explain how to find the right place for your writing and how to get your piece accepted. There’s even a few handy links at the end. Happy writing.

Plotting vs. Pantsing: Which is better?

Plotting and Pantsing are two very different approaches to writing. Still, both methods can be applied to all types of fiction. Whether you’re writing a short story or a Tolkien-length […]

Six steps to write an amazing short story

Short Story - Featured Image

Are you trying to write short stories, but are finding it a bit difficult and overwhelming? The steps mentioned here should help you write the story you want to share with the world.

Our Mission

This article highlights about what we are striving for, and what our goals are.